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2021 Metal Composite Industry Annual Conference: Low-carbon and green, Willstrong is in action

2021 can pass. At this moment of leaving the old and welcoming the new, about 300 people gathered together at the industry event-the annual meeting of the metal composite material industry, which was held in the Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao, Shandong. Guangzhou Willstrong New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Willstrong") was invited to participate in this industry event. The theme of this event was "Low Carbon Circle, Green Smart Manufacturing", which became a heated topic of discussion among the participants of the annual meeting. Low-carbon green line Low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction have always been one of Willstrong's...


WILLSTRONG adds luster for UNIQLO's Beijing Sanlitun store

On November 6, UNIQLO's global flagship store in Sanlitun, Beijing grandly opened! The Sanlitun Global Flagship Store in Beijing is UNIQLO's first complex tomorrow's life museum in China, integrating technology, art, cultural creation and sustainability, based in Beijing, connecting the world, and empowering future life! Each WILLSTRONG coated ceiling aluminum honeycomb panel demonstrates the elegance and elegance of the flagship store, and the thickness of 4 mm allows more space. It not only has light weight and high rigidity, but also has sound insulation, heat insulation and fire resistance performance. WILLSTRONG used the installation system for UNIQLO's Beijing...


Hollow sculpture | The beauty of architectural art under the interlaced day and night light and shadow

Light and shadow The beauty of art When we admire a building, the first thing that catches our eyes is the facade of the building. Looking at the world-renowned iconic buildings, about 80% of the facades are made of metal aluminum panels and LOW-E glass curtain walls, which fully demonstrate the artistic beauty of the building under day and night. The most famous landmark in Krakow, Poland-Central Market Square Poland, a country located in the middle of the European continent and in the northeastern part of Central Europe, has a rich history and culture and an excellent humanistic environment. WILLSTRONG has created a Korona Kielce Mall project in this country....


"CHINABOND"-China Aluminum Composite Panel Certified by CSTB

2021-04-13 14:31:45 Charle de Gaulle Airport terminal 2E was re-opened in 2008, four years after the collapse of part of its corridor. To ensure future safety, the airport finally decided to demolish and rebuild the entire corridor that had collapsed. WILLSTRONG ACP/fr, certified by French CSTB, was finally approved and selected by the airport after experiencing fierce competition with many world-known brands. Due to its excellent performance, WILLSTRONG ACP/fr left a deep impression on the designers and engineers during the on-site processing and installation of the airport, which make them unanimously call WILLSTRONG ACP as CHINABOND. Because aluminum composite panel has...


Modular Customization Service-AISG Science City Campus Upgrade and Renovation

The project is located at No. 19 Kexiang Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. There is a beautiful school—AISG (American International School) Science City Campus. Surrounded by green hills and green grass, it reveals the artistic beauty of this building. The campus upgrading project is one of the largest projects in the 38 years since the establishment of AISG. With the help of the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it is like a cultural communication palace integrated with nature, permeating academic, scientific, and educational breaths. The glory of civilization. The project combined with the needs of the built environment, after multiple evaluations...