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Hollow sculpture | The beauty of architectural art under the interlaced day and night light and shadow

Light and shadow

The beauty of art




When we admire a building, the first thing that catches our eyes is the facade of the building. Looking at the world-renowned iconic buildings, about 80% of the facades are made of metal aluminum panels and LOW-E glass curtain walls, which fully demonstrate the artistic beauty of the building under day and night.



The most famous landmark in Krakow, Poland-Central Market Square


Poland, a country located in the middle of the European continent and in the northeastern part of Central Europe, has a rich history and culture and an excellent humanistic environment. WILLSTRONG has created a Korona Kielce Mall project in this country. Under the alternating day and night, light and shadow, it organically combines Polish history with humanities, fashion and technology, and reflects the beauty of architectural art that flows through time.



Project Type: Commercial Plaza

Project name: Korona Kielce Mall

Project location: Poland

Material used: WILLSTRONG® acp

Engineering application: exterior wall

Use area: 12,000 square meters


The light and shadow aesthetics of Korona Kielce Mall are more suitable for the original meaning of human living and luxury. When the blue sky is reflected and the lights are on, the overall Korona Kielce Mall square looks bright and colorful, and the light of the city is full of light and shadow between day and night.



Quietly hollow sculpture design

Incorporate into natural and human settlements


Light sculptures, proportions are harmonious, and the light and shadow of the curtain wall can be grasped through the large and small carved holes. Accurately reconcile the proportion of the building's façade, so that the regularly arranged aluminum composite panels are more tense and expressive, and the rhythm of the hollowing makes the entire exterior look colorful and shining.



"Looking horizontally as a ridge and a peak on the side", regardless of the three-dimensional side, it reflects the current international aesthetic trends. WILLSTRONG's exploration of human settlement has reached a new stage, giving the product a richer humanistic characteristic.



Light and shadow outline the dazzling beauty

The arc of the line shows the appearance of the atmosphere


In the Korona Kielce Mall square, the hollow aluminum composite panel is used for the light to appear calmly. With the movement of the sun, the light of the sun shines from different angles, so that the entire building interior produces mottled light and shadow, which increases the beauty. At night, the lights are on, from the inside out, the dazzling beauty is drawn through and exquisitely. The combined lines and arcs of the aluminum composite board, and the angle of refracting light, enable the building to carve the light and shadow changes at different times in a day, and the light and time are used to carve a bright and three-dimensional architectural image.



The beauty of light and shape is conceived in the design. A building is a work, collected in the four seasons and the light years. Not all buildings can become works of art.



The soul of architecture lies in the harmony with the landscape, but also the resonance with people.