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WILLSTRONG adds luster for UNIQLO's Beijing Sanlitun store


On November 6, UNIQLO's global flagship store in Sanlitun, Beijing grandly opened!



The Sanlitun Global Flagship Store in Beijing is UNIQLO's first complex tomorrow's life museum in China, integrating technology, art, cultural creation and sustainability, based in Beijing, connecting the world, and empowering future life!



Each WILLSTRONG coated ceiling aluminum honeycomb panel demonstrates the elegance and elegance of the flagship store, and the thickness of 4 mm allows more space. It not only has light weight and high rigidity, but also has sound insulation, heat insulation and fire resistance performance.

WILLSTRONG used the installation system for UNIQLO's Beijing Sanlitun global flagship store, so that each WILLSTRONG coated ceiling aluminum honeycomb panel has excellent flatness, strong texture, and seamless joints.



Whether it's curved or cornered, every piece is tightly fitted, and the perfect details make the store's style perfect.



The flatness, smoothness and strong texture reflect the calmness and atmosphere of the UT world cultural and creative "museum".



Lan Bingke (Germany) & Dong Hao architects together create a cozy shopping paradise, WILLSTRONG coated ceiling aluminum honeycomb panel activates its life background in the hands of the architects.



Under the illumination of WILLSTRONG coated ceiling aluminum honeycomb panels, a relaxed atmosphere in the room emerges as the times require.




Uniqlo "King" opened, and WILLSTRONG added color to its debut.