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2021 Metal Composite Industry Annual Conference: Low-carbon and green, Willstrong is in action

2021 can pass. At this moment of leaving the old and welcoming the new, about 300 people gathered together at the industry event-the annual meeting of the metal composite material industry, which was held in the Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao, Shandong.

Guangzhou Willstrong New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Willstrong") was invited to participate in this industry event. The theme of this event was "Low Carbon Circle, Green Smart Manufacturing", which became a heated topic of discussion among the participants of the annual meeting.


  1. Low-carbon green line

本頁圖片/檔案 - 低碳2Low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction have always been one of Willstrong's rigid requirements for aluminum composite panel products.


Willstrong calculates the comprehensive energy consumption value per unit product from the order end. According to the energy consumption standard, orders that meet the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product ≤5500Kgce/10,000 square meters can be entered into the production queue, otherwise they will not be able to enter the scheduling system.


In the choice of core materials for aluminum composite panels, non-flammable A2 polyethylene and flame-retardant B1 polyethylene are the first choice. Willstrong uses recyclable polyethylene as its core material, which has a much lower environmental load than raw materials produced from crude oil, which can reduce the greenhouse effect by 15%, the acidification effect by 15%, and save resources by 4%.


Aluminum composite panels are more green and energy-saving than single aluminum panels, and are more environmentally friendly. The test data shows that the aluminum composite panel is an energy-saving product in both the production process and the use process. For example, comparing a standard 4 mm thick aluminum composite panel with a pure aluminum panel of the same strength, the energy consumption per 10,000 square meters of aluminum composite panel is 36,794 kilowatt hours lower than that of a single aluminum panel, which can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur oxides and dust. Respectively 118 tons, 646 kg and 8 tons, the chemical oxygen demand and suspended solids content in the wastewater have been reduced by 1.7 kg and 58.9 kg respectively. These comparative data on energy and environmental emissions all show that the environmentally friendly aluminum composite panels are far superior to metal curtain wall materials such as single aluminum panels. In use, polyethylene is used as the core material, and the thermal insulation performance of aluminum composite panels is the key quality of energy-saving building materials.


2. Selected as a green building product

本頁圖片/檔案 - 低碳3Willstrong aluminum composite products have the advantages of high strength, high durability, energy saving and assembly type.


Take "Willstrong" aluminum composite panel as an example. It is made of high-strength anti-rust alloy aluminum plate and high-quality core material. The unique double-sided baking varnish is consistent inside and outside, and has high-strength corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. "Willstrong" aluminum composite panels are made of flame-retardant vinyl core material, coated with flame-retardant aluminum layers on both sides, so that the product's fire performance exceeds the B1 fire protection standard, solves the fire protection problem of metal composite building materials, and becomes a national building code. One of the materials required for fire protection.


Willstrong's aluminum composite panel products have the characteristics of high-strength resistance to bending, excellent weather resistance, and good stability. They have now entered the green building selection product-oriented catalog and have been identified as green building selection products.


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Willstrong adheres to the quality concept of "good materials, good products", and actively invests in product development and application promotion. Willstrong's rich integrated product design provides customers with a "package" solution, which has won the trust and favor of customers.


The future is here, Willstrong is already on the path of low-carbon circle, green and intelligent manufacturing!