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How to avoid the deformation of curtain wall materials in high temperature weather?

Recently, a piece of news has attracted people's attention. Due to the high temperature for several days, the exterior walls of many newly-built luxury houses decorated with aluminum veneer in Hangzhou have been severely deformed, and the overall appearance is uneven, completely destroying the effect of curtain wall decoration. This is not only related to the installation process, but also due to the non-insulation characteristics of the material, which causes stress changes inside the material at high temperatures, thus exposing the defects of the aluminium veneer material in dealing with continuous high temperature weather.


Curtain wall with severe deformation in high temperature weather


The change of the earth's climate makes the temperature continue to rise, which brings more and more inconvenience to human habitation. Therefore, people have higher requirements for the housing construction on which they live, and building materials with green environmental protection and low carbon emissions have become a product that has attracted much attention in the selection of building curtain walls. At the same time, the constantly refreshing high temperature weather has brought new challenges to wall decoration materials. Heat insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention have become the three basic requirements of curtain wall materials.

In terms of product structure and production process, WILLSTRONG honeycomb panel effectively combines the performance of green curtain wall products of heat insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention, and can perfectly adapt to the building environment and climate.


LV Hangzhou Tower


Ten years ago, we had an appointment with LV at Hangzhou Tower in Hangzhou Wulin Plaza. The pre-rolled coating travertine-patterned fluorocarbon aluminum honeycomb panel perfectly demonstrated the designer's design concept and the pursuit of luxury and elegance of the brand from installation to technical application. 

Ten years of wind, rain and severe heat and cold, the product has always maintained its original effect.


WILLSTRONG Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is a new high-strength environmentally friendly building composite material developed according to the principle of honeycomb structure bionics. . These structures are exactly the same as those calculated by modern mathematicians. The obtuse angle of the rhombus is 109°28' and the acute angle is 70°32'. It has excellent compressive, bending and shearing properties. The strength of the 25mm honeycomb panel is 15 times that of the 3mm aluminum panel,the stiffness is 128 times that of it.The sandwich structure (composite structure) can give full play to the tensile and compressive properties of the inner and outer metal skin, light weight and high temperature radiation to sunlight, its unique structure can effectively block and release the heat of the sun. Its  thermal insulation effect has advantages over other materials.


The honeycomb panel structure adopts the principle of bionics


WILLSTRONG aluminum honeycomb panels are easy to install and can be processed into special-shaped panels: in general, large-scale installation equipment is not required, and it is suitable for unitized curtain wall installation. Lightweight materials reduce installation costs. It can be used for building curtain wall and interior wall decoration, as well as ceiling ceiling.


Installation diagram of aluminum honeycomb panel


The metal honeycomb composite panels (aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc, pure titanium, etc.), stone honeycomb panels, glass honeycomb panels, chameleon honeycomb panels, nano self-cleaning honeycomb panels, fabric honeycomb panels, etc designed and manufactured by WILLSTRONG have Wide range of applications. The high-quality quality comes from all-aluminum manufacturing. The surface, bottom plate and core material are all made of high-strength alloy aluminum. Compared with the single-layer structure plate, it has good thermal insulation and heat insulation performance, excellent flatness, easy to recycle, and is green and environmentally friendly product.


What we after is the processing technology, craftsmanship, construction plan, and product coating effect, which combines the technical, artistic and humanistic requirements of the designer for the product,.WILLSTRONG contributes qualified green products to the exterior walls of each building.