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About Us

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WILLSTRONG® is the quintessence in the domain of architectural products, and it has traversed an extraordinary course of nearly 30 years since its establishment in 1995


WILLSTRONG® architectural products include but are not limited to facade ACP/FR (Aluminum Composite Panel with Flame Retardant), AHP (Aluminum Honeycomb Panel), and integrated art aluminum sheet system. These high-quality products are used broadly in building facades, airports, metro stations office buildings, commercial plazas, advertising boards, chain stores, etc.

The WILLSTRONG® ACP/FR attained grade M1 of FR standards, which granted it to win the bid for the refurbishment project in France- Charles De Gaulle International Airport in 2004. The seminal success in this project had brought WILLSTRONG® to an unprecedented level in its industry and, by extension, earned affirmation from more architects, customers, and project owners.

In recent years, WILLSTRONG® series products have made various new accomplishments in the market. A case in point was the Louis Vuitton Hangzhou Tower shopping mall project that adopted the travertine-pattern AHP and the bespoke installation system, which perfectly embodies the best combination of product, design, and applied innovation.

Adhere to the business philosophy of "good materials, good products", and actively invest in product development and application promotion. The rich integrated product design of WILLSTRONG provides customers with a "package" solution, which has won the trust and favor of customers.

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We regard reform and innovation as spirit and self-renewal as mission
We abide by common sense and persist operating with sustainability.