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New product - Textured Dragon Pattern

2017-10-26 12:27:08


本頁圖片/檔案 - 龙纹系列1-

The "dragon print series" is a new type of decorative products designed by Willstrong product research and development team in 201.   

本頁圖片/檔案 - 龙纹系列2-

The concave and convex texture brings you a strong tactile feeling. It combines nobility and elegance, aesthetics and mechanics. It is domineering yet gentle, rough yet delicate. 

本頁圖片/檔案 - 龙纹系列3-

Combining with 3D shape design, the dragon texture can be furtherly enhanced and make building more attractive.

本頁圖片/檔案 - 龙纹系列4-