Steel Composite Panel

The steel composite board is mainly made of rust or Corton steel as the surface material and non-toxic core material through high continuous high temperature hot pressing composite. Like the titanium-zinc composite board, the unique surface color pattern of the steel composite board or Corton steel is difficult to match with other metal materials or coating processes. The emergence of steel composite panels not only enriches the company's metal composite panel products, but also provides architects and customers with more design space. 


Types of Steel Composite Panel:

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Cotern Steel Composites

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Stainless Steel Composites


Products Specification:

Standard Size

1200  * 2440 * 4mm

Optional thickness

3mm, 5mm, 6mm

Optional Width

980mm, 1220mm,

Optional Length

 ≤ 5600 mm

Stainless steel panel

0.3mm, 0.4mm

Note: Other customized sizes can be negotiated specifically